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Maximilien Van Haaster

Maximilien Van Haaster

For Maximilien, nutrition is one of the building blocks of athletic performance whether you are a professional or a recreational athlete. His goal is to guide and help you reach your goals using an individualized approach.

Dietician, kinesiologist and 2-time Olympian in fencing, Maximilien has worked in the world of sports, training, and performance for many years. Member of the Canadian national fencing team for more than 10 years, Maximilien loves to travel for his sport and using this opportunity to discover different foods and culinary cultures. He is well versed in the intricacies of fueling for workouts and for competitions. His hobbies also include racking up kilometers in road cycling and running.

With many certifications in athletic performance, recovery, weight loss, muscle gain and supplements, Maximilien will help you find the appropriate strategies to help you reach your goals.


  • Graduated in nutrition at Montreal University
  • Graduated in Kinesiology at McGill University
  • Many certifications in sport nutrition
  • Certified from ESIM and ESL

I love… coffee

I hate… being hungry !

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