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Claudia Côté-Robitaille

Claudia Côté-Robitaille

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Claudia has an empathetic, respectful and practical approach. She is open to trying different ways to help you achieve your goals. It is very important for Claudia to give tips adapted to each client while being enriched with knowledge to allow the maintenance of long-term objectives.

Her dynamism and her pleasure in sharing her knowledge make her an excellent facilitator of culinary workshops and conferences.

Having practiced competitive swimming for many years, Claudia understands the demands of high performance sport. However, since stopping the competition, Claudia has tried different sports for the pleasure of moving such as climbing, hiking, cross-country skiing, cycling, bodybuilding, squash… Because we can do sport for performance or just for fun!

Meals should be fun throughout the day, which is why trying new recipes or new ingredients is so important to Claudia. Having fun eating is as important as eating what you need to provide enough energy and nutrients for your daily activities and sports.

“I decided to become a nutritionist when I realized that all the effort I was putting in my swimming training was no longer enough to perform or worse, was less useful because my diet was not meeting my needs.”


  • Graduated from University of Montreal
  • Specialized higher education diploma (D.E.S.S) in nutrition at the University of Montreal
  • ISAK level I training for anthropometric measurements
  • Former swimmer in the University of Montreal Carabins team
  • Several great hikes such as the ascent of Kilimanjaro and the GR20
  • Numerous trainings to be up to date in nutrition: intuitive diet, immunonutrition strategies for athletes, sports nutrition and micro-nutrition for endurance sports, update on nutrition and cardiovascular health, weight and body image for intervene without harming …
  • Lecturer in various sports clubs and schools
  • Animator of many cooking workshops for children and adolescents

I love… to taste everything !!

I hate … people telling me what to do without explaining the why and how!

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Je recommande sans hésitation Claudia Côté-Robitaille de chez VIVAÏ. Depuis un an, elle m’a beaucoup aidé dans mon alimentation pour mes entraînements de triathlon. Ces explications sont simples et facile à comprendre. Elle a une très grande écoute de mes objectifs. Ce qui était important pour moi.

Merci pour ton professionnalisme Claudia.

Geneviève Baril

“I am lucky to have Claudia as a nutritionist. She makes eating well into an enjoyable experience by adapting nutrition goals to my particular busy lifestyle and by helping me eat well and lose weight while enjoying all different types of food. She even gave me some great recipes. Claudia has wealth of information and is really good at explaining the science behind nutrition. Her easygoing and positive nature, as well as her ability to adapt to my own pace makes her appointments something that I look forward to.  I would highly recommend her. »

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