Top 5 lifesaving foods

We have all these moments when we are stuck in the kitchen. Whether it’s because we planned our week poorly, didn’t have much left to eat, or just didn’t feel like cooking, it’s normal to have more chaotic dinners. So here are 5 foods to keep in stock at all times in order to improvise balanced and tasty meals (and save your life!).

1) Textured vegetable protein

TVP is a soy protein that is dehydrated. It is sold in bags in the organic / gluten-free / vegetarian section and keeps very well in the pantry for several months.

How to cook it?

Just rehydrate 1 cup of TVP in 1 cup of hot water.

Recipe inspiration

  • Italian Style: Combine the rehydrated TVP with a canned tomato sauce, serve over pasta.
  • Mexican Style: Sauté the rehydrated TVP with Mexican spices, then serve with rice and fresh vegetables to recreate a Mexican bowl.
  • Asian Style: Add the rehydrated TVP to fried rice – all you need is vegetables, rice and soy sauce!

2) Canned tuna in water

Recipe inspiration

  • Tuna pasta salad
  • Sandwich: mix mayonnaise, canned tuna and a celery branch that you can serve as a sandwich or wrap
  • Simply add to a large mixed green salad

3) Canned chickpeas or lentils

Already cooked, canned, legumes are a staple in any kitchen. Simply drain and rinse!

Recipe inspiration

  • Bean salad: all you need is vegetables and a dressing of your choice and you’re ready to go!
  • Bean Toast: Mash some legumes on a slice of whole wheat bread, add slices of cucumber, radish or arugula and sprinkle with a little balsamic vinegar reduction.
  • Roast them and add them to any leftover that lacks a bit of consistency!

4) High fiber crackers

They are a “must have” just because they can be paired with any dip or spread. Plus, if you don’t even feel like baking a grain product, high-fiber crackers will do the job well (bonus: fiber is more filling!)

5) Frozen vegetables

It goes without saying, right? Easy to boil, sauté or microwave in just a few minutes. We swear it’s better than you remember 😉

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