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Nutrigenomix: eat according to your DNA

Nutrigenomix: eat according to your DNA

The VIVAÏ Experts en nutrition team, recognized as a leader in sports nutrition, now offers the Nutrigenomix® genetic test, a DNA test that allows you to orient your diet according to your genetic profile.A sample of saliva allows you to find out how your genes influence your body’s response to seven elements in your diet. We now know that variants on genes help explain how you react to certain foods and supplements such as sodium or caffeine.

In a group of individuals with a diet high in saturated fat, why are some more likely than others to be struggling with obesity?

Studies are now showing which variations in the APOA2 gene explain the link between the effect of saturated fat and obesity. People with a version of this gene who consume 22g of saturated fat or more per day (equivalent to a cup of ice cream or a double hamburger with cheese), have a 67% higher risk of being obese.

“Even for our active clients who eat relatively well, this test is useful for emphasizing certain elements of their diet that they need to pay a little more attention to.” “Caffeine, for example, is overused by most business people and athletes. Depending on their genetic profile, this overconsumption can increase their risk of having a heart attack by 53% and becomes totally useless in sports ”notes Mélanie Olivier, Nutritionist and President of VIVAÏ.

With this test available today at VIVAÏ, you can make informed food choices to maximize your well-being and minimize the risk of suffering from chronic diseases.

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