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Eating well in the office to maintain a constant performance

Eating well in the office to maintain a constant performance

Do you work at a hundred miles an hour, working from home or at the office? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day? With demands piling up on the desk, rushing deadlines, and meetings blocking schedules, perhaps you have little time left to take a lunch break? Or maybe not? So, it’s no surprise then that you run out of fuel throughout the day. To avoid driving with your tank empty, here are some tips.

Express lunch

First, a quick meal or even a healthy snack every day can give you the energy you need to get through the day. Indeed, it is recommended never to go more than six hours without eating. Skipping the midday meal can lead to evening cravings and lead to eating a larger meal for dinner. The fastest and most accessible solution? Make your lunch as if you were going to the office! Making a lunch is nothing too complicated! Here we offer you our best tips for instant lunches.

Make good use of your leftovers from last night’s dinner!

  • Instant Burritos: Roll leftover chili from the day before with a little salsa and grated cheese in a tortilla bun. Reheat in the microwave and add a little plain Greek yogurt (to replace the sour cream!)
  • Leftover steak? Slice it and add it to leafy greens. With a little vinaigrette, a few pearls of bocconcini cheese and here’s a good meal salad! Complete with a whole grain bun.
  • Add leftover rice to canned vegetable soup (reduced in sodium, of course!)

A mishmash of foods for meals!

  • Canned tuna on crackers with celery and carrot sticks, fruit and yogurt: a winning combination.
  • A microwave-cooked egg with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese. Insert it all into an English muffin: a homemade “McMuffin”!
  • Pita bread with hummus, raw vegetables and a glass of milk or soy beverage.

Easy sandwich or wrap

  • Spread nut butter on a tortilla. Place a banana in the center. Roll and enjoy! To complete, serve with a glass of milk or soy beverage.
  • Cut chicken into cubes and mix with Greek yogurt. Add dried cranberries and parsley. Place in a pita bread cut in half.

No stops in sight?

If you’re on the pedal all day and don’t have time to stop for dinner, keep healthy snacks on your desk. A healthy snack is made up of 2 groups: protein (like meat alternatives and dairy products) and carbohydrates (like grain products, fruits and vegetables). Eaten every two to three hours, a variety of snacks can provide the energy needed to ride.

Here are examples of easy and practical snacks: nuts, nut butters, slices of bread, crackers, dried fruit, soy milk or canned chocolate milk… In addition, when working from home, you have the advantage of having a refrigerator very close. It’s even easier to keep a small stash like yogurt, cottage or brick cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables, and eggs. English muffins, pita breads or sliced ​​bread will keep for about a month in the freezer. Pay attention to the expiration dates on the products! For example, fresh fruits and vegetables will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.

In summary, eating well throughout the day increases focus at work and energy for the whole day, and helps you curb food cravings in the evening.


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