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Cross-country skiing: what to eat before and after

Cross-country skiing: what to eat before and after

We often tend to forget that cross-country skiing is quite similar to running, in that the energy demand is quite high and requires us to fuel adequately.

Before leaving

Are you planning a cross-country skiing trip and wondering what to eat before you go to have maximum energy without feeling discomfort? It all depends on the time between the meal or snack and your activity!

One thing is certain, the shorter the delay, the more you will have to bet on foods that are easy to digest and absorb, those which mainly contain carbohydrates, and which are liquid. On the other hand, foods that contain more protein, fat, fiber and spices can disrupt digestion during exercise, so they should be avoided just before departure.

On the way back, we focus on recovery!

  • Especially if a medium-high intensity has been maintained for more than an hour and you are planning another workout in the next 24 hours.

At this point, your muscles once again crave carbohydrates (the main source of energy that was used during the ride) and protein to repair muscle tissue damaged with exertion.

A hot drink is then an excellent choice and generally very appreciated after a winter expedition … prepare yourself a good hot chocolate (made with milk and not water with added powder) or a chai tea (milk infused with tea. with spices and sugar)! But remember to consume this snack within 30 minutes of completing the activity for maximum benefit.

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