Breakfast: essential or not?

It can be easy to skip breakfast in the morning. We are in a hurry, we got up late, we are not hungry, etc. Whatever the reason, when you play sports, it’s still a great opportunity to add fuel to start the day. Indeed, breakfast breaks the fast established the day before and gives us energy to perform physically and mentally.

What is a good breakfast?

Breakfast should meet at least 25% of the energy and nutrient needs for our day. Composed of foods that provide fiber, protein, and carbohydrate, breakfast should keep you awake until your next meal.


Actually no. It is not essential. It is nevertheless an opportunity to create a routine that provides a basis for the day and also helps to fill the energy intake, which is sometimes very high for very active people! Also, when food is eaten more at the end of the day, in front of the TV, or when hunger is not necessarily physical, the risk of gaining weight is higher. Here are some possible scenarios:

Do you like running or working out in the morning?

You can do this on an empty stomach, depending on the duration and intensity of the effort you expect. If your workout is long and intense, you can eat a compote or a small portion of fruit to help you perform better. In addition, you can easily split your lunch in half by consuming the rest later at work.

Did you eat late the night before?

It is quite possible that your appetite does not surface until the late morning. The idea is to be ready to eat when hunger strikes with healthy foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and protein.

Do you move around a lot at work?

Foods that provide carbohydrates need to be incorporated in greater amounts during the morning to give you more energy. Don’t forget about protein for satiety!

I’m not hungry for lunch!

Try not to snack for two hours before going to bed. This can promote more restful sleep because the digestive system will be at rest. Hunger is more likely to be present the next morning.

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