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Best choices at the restaurant and in the cafeteria

Best choices at the restaurant and in the cafeteria

It’s not always easy to make healthy choices when you don’t have lunch! And even less when it is necessary to take into account a training or a competition during the day.

So here are some tips to help you make better restaurant or cafeteria choices in order to optimize your daily diet and performance!

  • Opt for restaurants, buffets or cafeterias that offer a variety of foods / foods.
  • Rely on the balanced plate (see blog 2) to better distribute your plate and adjust the portions according to your hunger and the foods you want to eat, while varying your foods on a daily basis.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the waiter for what you want: milk vs cream, light vinaigrette, sauces served on the side, small amount of mayonnaise or butter in sandwiches, preparation / cooking methods …
  • Ask questions about the portion size, if the meat is served with vegetables, fries, salad, etc. If the portion seems too large, ask for half a portion.
  • Rely on your hunger level and adjust accordingly.
  • Avoid distractions during your meals. Take the time to eat, taste and savor the foods on your plate, this will allow you to better listen to your hunger and be satisfied with your meal.
  • Take the time to choose …
  • Opt for better choices of main dishes, such as grilled beef, chicken or fish, kebabs, skinless chicken breast, pasta with meat, vegetable or tomato sauce, sushi, meal soups, meal salads with dressing on the side.
  • Choose sides like steamed rice, baked potato, pasta with tomato sauce, vegetables, squash mash, and salads instead of fries, Greek or hash browns, Caesar salad, fried rice … because these foods are easier to digest before a workout and are often a better source of healthy fats, when they contain it.

Be careful, because the very rich main dishes can make you stomach ache before a workout, because they are more difficult to digest. Ex: pasta with cheese or cream sauce, quiches, fried Chinese dishes (fried chicken, egg roll, general tao chicken, pineapple chicken, etc.), breaded and fried chicken or fish, seafood with garlic butter , Caesar salad or other salads prepared with mayonnaise (potato, egg or macaroni salad, etc.).

Here is a table to guide you in the best choices to make.

And please don’t forget that the little pleasures in life are important, it’s all about moderation !! Chocolate dessert, small fresh croissants or a higher fat meal are part of a balanced diet. Listen to your hunger and cravings, so don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love and incorporate them guilt-free on occasion.

Have a good workout and above all have a good appetite.

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