7 perfect winter recipes

What could be better than trying out some tempting new recipes when we get back from a great winter activity? Cooking can even become a family activity that involves all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest! While preparing our snacks or our meals to be effective during the next outings, we teach our children the importance of a diet as less processed as possible! All the titles are clickable to allow you to consult the recipes in question.


Whether spread on crackers, garnish a sandwich, or cut it into pieces in a salad, homemade vegepâté is a good source of protein and essential fats thanks to its nut base and seeds. The list of ingredients seems long, but the recipe will give you 30 servings and you can freeze more for future use! This veggie pâté will seduce even the most carnivorous of you!

Hot nutritious drink

Here’s a hot drink to pack in your backpack on a winter hike. This recipe will allow you to warm up at dinner time, while providing you with several nutrients to keep you in motion! For example, the ginger found here has antioxidant properties and stimulates the immune system. Milk provides calcium and vitamin D as well as carbohydrates and protein to complement your meal. If you take it as a recovery drink, add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and consume some nuts and dried fruits on the side!

Orange soup

Why buy commercial dehydrated soups when you can make them yourself? In a resealable plastic container, place your favorite soup ingredients and add water on the spot. Here is a suggestion for a meal soup that will satisfy you.

Rice pudding

Simple recipe for the classic rice pudding including some modifications to have additional sources of fiber, carbohydrates and protein to keep you active all day!

Coconut and fruit muffins

Muffins are practical, simple and easy to carry snacks. This recipe contains dried fruits which increase the amount of carbohydrates and therefore give you more energy to start a hike well. Plus, on darker winter mornings, this flavor will remind you of summer!

Quick salmon casserole

We keep talking about the benefits of the famous omega-3 that the majority of people consume in insufficient quantities. This recipe (which includes canned salmon) is a good source of calcium, protein and omega-3s. Simple to prepare, easily transportable and freezable as needed.

Millet, chia seeds and buckwheat cookies

When winter camping, getting out of your warm sleeping bag in the morning can be difficult. The blast of cold air on our skin can also make our digestive system more “lazy”! These high fiber cookies, including a blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, will help keep things moving! They are also delicious!

Have a good winter hike and above all, bon appétit!

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