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4 exercices to add to your exercise routine

4 exercices to add to your exercise routine

Find here 4 exercises that our partner Specifik Performance recommends that you add to your workout at home.

1) Bird Dog

Stuart McGill, a distinguished professor and researcher at the University of Waterloo, has demonstrated that isometric abdominal strengthening exercises are superior to dynamic exercises in improving the stiffness and stability of the spine. The bird dog is therefore essential for back health, both in prevention and in rehabilitation. To avoid the common mistake of arching the back when lifting the leg, consider bringing the heel as far back as possible, not as high as possible.

NB: if you have back pain, consult our physiotherapists before trying this exercise.

2) Prowler Push

The “Prowler” or sled is a versatile piece of equipment offering a very wide variety of exercises and having gained tremendous popularity in recent years.

Depending on the use to which it is put it is possible to train strength, power, speed and hypertrophy. It is also a great tool for training energy systems for performance or weight loss purposes. Finally, it is interesting to note that the prowler is very safe and that recovery is rapid following training with it.

3) Spiderman Walk

The Spiderman Walk is an advanced exercise that builds upper limb strength and core strength. Requiring good coordination, this exercise, like a plank, requires stabilizing the pelvis and the trunk despite the movement of the arms and legs. Make sure you have mastered the Spiderman push-ups before trying this exercise. By doing repetitions, the Spiderman walk fits very well into a metabolic training!

4) Turkish Get-Up

Unlike most exercises that take place in one or two planes of motion, Turkish get-up requires keeping the arm steady in all three planes of motion. One of the biggest benefits of the Turkish get-up is the improvement in shoulder stability. It also helps improve proprioception, the ability to perceive where you are in space, a key factor in preventing injury. Requiring a lot of mobility both in the hips and shoulders, this exercise can be adapted in several variations for individuals with little mobility.


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