VALENTINE’S DAY WITH THE FAMILY!   Did you know that 50 g of dark chocolate contains double the polyphenols than a 125 ml glass of red wine? People with a sweet tooth will be happy to learn that not only is chocolate tasty but it can also prevent certain chronic illnesses. But wait! Not all chocolate is equal—some types are more beneficial to your health than others. Since the benefits stem mainly from the content of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant in the cacao, chocolate with a higher concentration of cacao is often more beneficial. This is why we suggest using chocolate with more than 70% of cacao content to fully benefit from the cancer-fighting and cardio-protective properties in chocolate. A favourite on Valentine’s Day, dark chocolate fondue served with various types of fruit is a tasty way to load up on antioxidants while enjoying a delicious dessert! Fondue can be considered a “healthy” dessert if you focus on the fruit and share it with that special someone, family, or friends! DARK CHOCOLATE FONDUE Ingredients – 300 g of dark chocolate chips – 100 ml of milk – 2 tbsp. of cream – Fruit – Lemon juice to prevent oxidation of fruit Preparation 1. Cut fruit into cubes and squeeze lemon juice on fruit susceptible to oxidation. 2. In a double boiler, slowly heat up the chocolate and milk until the chocolate is melted. 3. Add cream to the chocolate and milk mixture until the mixture is smooth and creamy. 4. Transfer the mixture to a fondue platter on a hot plate. 5. Dip your fruit in the chocolate and enjoy!